1. 2017/01

    Available only for download from Discordian Records the new quartet with Albert Cirera, Luís Lopes and Vasco Furtado.

    Get “Temple of the Doom” on this link:


    Luís Lopes electric guitar

    Albert Cirera tenor and soprano saxophone

    Hernani Faustino double bass

    Vasco Furtado drums


    Staub Quartet 

    Carlos Zíngaro violin

    Miguel Mira cello

    Marcelo dos Reis acustic guitar

    Hernani Faustino double bass



    New trio “Chain” with my mates Yedo Gibson

    and Vasco Trilla. More news in the Summer with our debut

    recording on NoBusiness Records.




    Start a new power trio of psychedelic, noise and free improvisation call “Uivo Zebra” with guitar player Jorge Nuno and drummer João Sousa. Debut record soon on Bocian Records