1. 2021/01

    Radim Hanousek : ESCAPE (Ma Records)


    During my study stay in Portugal, I recorded dozens of hours of field recordings in Lisbon, Peniche, and Sintra, and prepared a simple graphic score inspired by the phases of the waves of the sea in relation to wind speed. During the covid isolation time, I asked six Czech and five Portuguese musicians to interpret this score. They contributed their personalities and creativity without any idea of the whole. I processed the materials I acquired in two ways: by layering the home recordings of the participating musicians (ESCAPE I) and by mixing the Portuguese field recordings with a studio quartet of musicians responding independently of each other to different sonic materials (ESCAPE II). The result is a collage of improvised and composed music, field recordings, and electronic. -RH-

    Create your own mix of ESCAPE I and try various combinations of instruments and sounds (solo, mute, dynamics) via this website:



    Helena Espvall
    Maria do Mar
    Anežka Nováková
    Žaneta Vítová
    Jana Vondrů
    voice, harmonium
    Hernâni Faustino
      double bass
    Peter Korman
     double bass
    Matej Olah
    Martin Opršál
    marimba, marimbula, kalimba, Tibetan bowls, timpani, cymbals
    Guilherme Rodrigues
    Alvaro Rosso
     double bass

    Jana Vondrů
     voice, harmonium
    Hernâni Faustino
    double bass
    Radim Hanousek
     bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
    Martin Opršál
     marimba, marimbula, kalimba, Tibetan bowls, timpani, cymbals

    project realised at Radim Hanousek’s home studio (12/2020 – 03/2021) with field recordings
    made in Lisabon, Peniche, and Sintra (11/2020)
    final mixing and mastering – Tomáš Vtípil (4/2021)
    watercolour – Veronika Vlková

    special thanks to
    Ulrich Krieger for inspiring and intensive project leadership
    all the musicians that entered the project with their distinctive recordings and creativity
    Jana Vondrů and Hernâni Faustino for their collaboration on and recordings for ESCAPE II
    Veronika Vlková for her beautiful watercolour
    Tomáš Vtípil for his great work, smart ideas and empathy during the mixing process
    Jaroslav Šťastný for our frequent and fruitful consultations
    Ma Records






    dB Duet (FMR records)


    João Madeira double bass 

    Hernâni Faustino double bass


    We present the CD “dB Duet”, a duet of double basses, feat. Hernâni Faustino and João Madeira! Live recording at O’Culto da Ajuda, 2 legendary concerts that represent the high point of a small tournée in Lisbon, in which the two bass players built their own language shared in an intense dialogue. Knowing each other for + than 20 years, this CD is also a high point of their friendship.

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    RED trio & Celebration Band  – Suite 10 Years Anniversary (NoBusiness Records

    RED trio
    Rodrigo Pinheiro piano
    Hernâni Faustino double bass
    Gabriel Ferrandini drums and percussion

    Celebration Band
    Sei Miguel trumpet
    Luís Vicente trumpet
    Fala Mariam trombone
    John Butcher tenor and soprano saxophone
    Pedro Sousa tenor saxophone
    Rodrigo Amado tenor saxophone
    Nuno Torres alto saxophone
    Ernesto Rodrigues viola
    Ricardo Jacinto cello
    Miguel Mira cello
    Mattias Ståhl vibraphone
    Carlos Santos electronics
    Miguel Abreu voice, electric bass
    David Maranha percussion