1. 2019/02

    Suspensão Rayon Blanc (Creative Sources Recordings)

    Ernesto Rodrigues viola
    Guilherme Rodrigues cello
    Bruno Parrinha bass clarinet
    Nuno Torres alto saxophone
    Abdul Moimême electric guitar
    Rodrigo Pinheiro piano
    Hernâni Faustino double bass
    Carlos Santos electronics
    Nuno Morão percussion


    String Theory Krypton (Creative Sources Recordings)

    Ernesto Rodrigues  viola
    Guilherme Rodrigues zither, objects
    Maria Do Mar violin
    Miguel Almeida classical guitar
    Ulrich Mitzlaff cello
    Yu Lin Humm cello
    Helena Espvall cello
    André Holzer resonator guitar
    Carlos Santos zither, ebow
    Mariana Carvalho psaltery
    Abdul Moimême 12 string acoustic guitar
    José Oliveira acoustic guitar
    Andre Hencleeday piano
    Miguel Mira cello
    Hernâni Faustino double bass
    Johan Moir double bass
    João Madeira double bass
    Fred Marty double bass


    Gabriel Ferrandini Volúpias (cd/lp Clean Feed)

    Pedro Sousa tenor saxophone

    Hernâni Faustino doublebass

    Gabriel Ferrandini drums and percussion

    The Portuguese (but born in California 1986, from a Mozambican natural and a Brazilian of Italian heritage) drummer Gabriel Ferrandini is usually found in freely improvised music contexts (those, for instance, of Red Trio and Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio in the celebrated Lisbon scene and with an impressive international collaboration history: Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Axel Dörner, Evan Parker, John Butcher, Nate Wooley, Peter Evans, Sten Sandell or Thurston Moore, among many others) but three years ago he decided to turn himself to composition and started the new approach with an artistic residency in one of the most prestigious Portuguese venues for music, ZDB. To turn ideas and notations to sound he invited two of his most near companions, tenor saxophonist Pedro Sousa (his partner in the PeterGabriel duo) and double bassist Hernâni Faustino for that task, the same playing in “Volúpias”. The record you have here is result of one year residency at ZDB. Maybe because of that, the titles of the pieces are the names of Lisbon streets, the ones that lead from Ferrandini’s house to his studio and then to ZDB. Curiously enough, if Ferrandini sounds here more jazz-oriented than ever (this process went through the creation of an extended version of “Love Song”, by Tony Williams), two of the tracks are arrangements of compositions by an electronic musician, also Portuguese (Ondness), who combines dance beats with exotic soundscapes, very far from what we call jazz. The message underneath is a delight, warning us that this commitment to the jazz format isn’t necessarily “conventional”. Nothing done by Gabriel Ferrandini is, thank the gods…


    Hamar Trio Yesterday is Here (cd Clean Feed Records)

    Klaus Ellerhusen Holm clarinete and alto saxophone

    Hernâni Faustino double bass

    Nuno Morão drums and percussion

    Here is an example of a specially well succeeded co-operation between a notorious representative of the Norwegian scene (Klaus Ellerhusen Holm) and two of the Portuguese one (Hernâni Faustino and Nuno Morão), combining the recordings of live presentations in a couple of spaces dedicated to creative music in Portugal, Salão Brazil (Coimbra) and SMUP (Parede). If you’re a Clean Feed fan you already listened other titles documented in both venues, by the likes of Steve Lehman, Ken Vandermark’s and Adam Lane’s Four Corners, Fredrik Nordstrom Quintet, Daniel Levin Quartet, Zanussi 5, Angles, Harris Heisenstadt’s Canada Day and others. “Yesterday is Here” has the same relevance, and it equals what you know of Holm from the bands Honest John, Ballrogg and Abaft the Beam, of Faustino from RED trio and of Morão from The Selva: music committed to «celebrate the moment», to paraphrase Derek Bailey, only answering to the appeal of spontaneity and intuition, in a very natural and even organic way. The framing is in jazz and experimentation, meaning that everything else that may happen disregard labels and any sort of categorization. A party for your ears, in short.