Hernâni Faustino double bass

“…He is an agile and expressive improviser and a spontaneous composer who knows how to tell suggestive stories, equipped with impressive physical energy, and authoritative sound of his own. Eyal Hareuveni 

“…One of Faustino’s greatest strengths is his capacity to build tension in every piece. Stef Gijssels 


Rodrigo Amado Refraction Quartet 

Rodrigo Amado tenor saxophone

João Almeida trumpet

Hernâni Faustino double bass

João Valinho drums



José Lencastre/Hernâni Faustino/Vasco Furtado

José Lencastre saxophone

Hernâni Faustino double bass

Vasco Furtado drums

“…A promising debut of a trio that already sounds like a strong working band.”  Eyal Hareuveni  

“…Um trio justo de sax-baixo-bateria que não renega suas heranças free jazzísticas e apresenta uma sonoridade sólida e envolvente, indo dos momentos mais enérgicos de “Test Drive” aos segmentos mais contemplativos, quase minimalistas, de “Ruínas”. O novo selo será dedicado à música improvisada, experimental e eletroacústica.” Fabricio Vieira  

“…Since remorseless microoganisms and anti-cultural politicians are each doing their best to keep live music down, records like this serve a necessary function in reminding us of the life force that motivates improvised music.” Bill Meyer


Rodrigo Brandão 

Rodrigo Brandão poetry, vocals

Carla Santana electronics

Rodrigo Amado tenor saxophone

Hernâni Faustino double bass

João Valinho drums


No Nation Trio

Jorge Nuno acoustic  guitar

Hernâni Faustino double bass

João Valinho drums, percussion

No Nation Trio is an acoustic group that explores the relations of continuity and renewal in a musical framework in which creation emerges as proposals for directions – resolute directions, without limits or borders. Composed by Jorge Nuno on acoustic guitar, the force behind the psychedelic vanguard of Signs of the Silhouette, with numerous contributions to the experimental music scene; Hernâni Faustino on double bass, one of the greatest exponents of Portuguese free jazz, member of RED trio and other illustrious formations of international improvised music; and João Valinho, drums, with eclectic artistic activity, a recent addition to the glittering panorama of Lisbon’s musical experimentation.


Uivo Zebra 

Power trio of psychedelic, noise and free improvisation with guitar player Jorge Nuno and drummer João Sousa. 


José Lencastre Nau Quartet

José Lencastre alto saxophone

Rodrigo Pinheiro piano

Hernâni Faustino double bass

João Lencastre drums


 Lotte Anker / Rodrigo Pinheiro / Hernani Faustino


Lotte Anker tenor, alto and soprano saxophone

Rodrigo Pinheiro piano

Hernani Faustino double bass

Improvised music is one of the few fields where something like this can happen: having a new band with people we never imagined together, and better still considering that the attempted combination results in something as astonishing as this studio recording. While listening to “Birthmark”, the first, immediate, impression we have is that the association of Lotte Anker with pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro and double bassist Hernâni Faustino makes all the sense. More: that it was written in the sky. If there was a common characteristic inviting to turn a reality this reunion of the Danish superb saxophonist with the two Portuguese members of the much acclaimed RED trio, it gets brilliantly evident in the music played here. Let’s call it “intensity”.

All the three of them are intense musicians. And take notice: intensity, here, doesn’t mean they function as an elephant in a porcelain store. Sometimes it seems so, indeed, but there’s also intensity when they restrain themselves, choosing to be subtle and meticulous in their static and very spatial group improvisations. There’s intensity even when Anker, Pinheiro and Faustino lower the amount of notes produced and are more concerned with the maintenance of fluid atmospheres. Only density gives nuance to the shared power of the trio, going from the most transparent textures to the opaque mixing of several layers of sound, with all the dynamics in between.


RED trio

Rodrigo Pinheiro piano

Hernani Faustino double bass

Gabriel Ferrandini drums

RED trio is a group that presents a multiplicity of approaches to music playing and composition in real time by improvisation.

Formed by three musicians from the new improvised music Lisbon scene from an idea by Hernani Faustino, RED trio features Rodrigo Pinheiro at the piano, Hernani Faustino at the doublebass and Gabriel Ferrandini at the drums. RED trio explores one of the most prolific jazz formations: piano/doublebass/drums. The trio’s music is characterized for being fast, energic, highly focused, dynamic and sometimes nervous and violent. Most of RED trio influences are based on jazz and especially on improvised music. A three part counterpoint oscillating between the most subtle sound to a sonic burst full of violence and intensity.