Reviews Tin

Another album released in April 2020, in the middle of the Covid19 era. String Theory Ensemble is here “reduced” to String Theory, a super tentet. As usual, it is a live recording by Miguel Azguime during the CreativeFest XIII at O’Culto da Ajuda, Lisbon. Mix, master \& graphic design was by Carlos Santos, while the production by Ernesto himself. They play one track, 34 minutes long “Tin”. The music, maybe due to the smaller size of the ensemble, sound more like chamber music, with a much better defined roles of the particular instruments. In effect one departs form the idea of “fake music” and alternative sounds, and one can hear and distinguish different instrument: double basses, viola, violin, piano and so on. The track starts peacefully and the mood augments until the strings turn completely over in a form of contemporary music string summit. These parts are very expressive and dramatic. In the second part the music returns to a more tranquil format and repetitive motifs, characteristic for free improvised minimalism. The final, however, is another strings’ explosion. Very beautiful stuff, very appealing and absorbing music!!! Maciej Lewenstein