1. 2021/01


    Uivo Zebra & Horns Sombras (Bocian)

    Jorge Nuno electric guitar
    Hernâni Faustino  electric bass
    João Sousa  drums and percussion
    Luís Vicente  trumpet
    José Lencastre alto saxophone
    Paulo Galão tenor saxophone
    Pedro Arelo baritone saxophone

    Recorded (9 December 2018) and Mix by Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studios in Lisbon
    Assisted by Jerome Durand and Bernardo Centeno
    Mastered by Simon Wadsworth
    Artwork by Joanna John
    Band photos by Nuno Martins
    Produced by Jorge Nuno and Hernâni Faustino
    Executive Production by Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz





    Forces in Motion (Phonogram Unit)

    José Lencastre alto saxophone 

    Hernâni Faustino electric bass

    Vasco Furtado drums 

    After the acclaimed “Vento” the first recording of this trio on Phonogram Unit, José Lencastre, Hernâni Faustino and Vasco Furtado have now a new chapter with this new recording “Forces in Motion”. The music have a strong sense for searching  and risk, in a different way from the debut released. Faustino trade the double bass for his electric bass on this recording, Lencastre’s alto saxophone are breathtaking and melodic, Furtado’s drums are always a surprise with organic and fundamental details.  The sound of the trio have now a new dimension. Intriguing music, focused, quiet, strong and with beautiful colors.







    Hernâni Faustino Twelve Bass Tunes (Phonogram Unit

    listen and buy 

    Recorded (16.01.20) and mixed at Namouche Studios, Lisbon, by Joaquim Monte 

    Mastered by Simon Wadsworth 

    All music by Hernâni Faustino

    Produced by Sei Miguel 

    Executive production by Phonogram Unit 

    Photography : Nuno Martins 

    Design : Sofia Faustino 

    Special thanks to my Family and Fala Mariam 


    After taking up the double bass, Hernâni Faustino played and collaborated in a variety of contexts, such as rhythm sections or chamber music. He formed the RED trio and played all over Portugal, Europe and the USA.  He won awards for the best debut records on All About Jazz, with the Nobuyasu Furuya Trio “Bendowa” and RED trio debut cd. All About Jazz also put RED trio + Nate Wooley concert in New York on the list of “best of the year”.

    His collaboration with other musicians such as Rodrigo Amado, Sei Miguel, Ernesto Rodrigues and others made him a regular on the Lisbon improvised scene. He also started playing some solo concerts, music for theater and founded the cooperative label Phonogram Unit with other musicians from Lisbon.

    Autodidactic, Faustino introspectively and expressionistically encompasses a non-specific global sensibility.
    It’s surprising that the Portuguese bassist didn’t record a solo until now! “Twelve Bass Tunes” provides a direct window into his world. For those interested, but unfamiliar with more outside music, there’s plenty of structure to hang on there. An open mind and an appreciation for the instrument are all that’s needed.





    José Lencastre Nau Quartet + Pedro Carneiro Thoughts are things (Phonogram Unit


    Pedro Carneiro marimba
    José Lencastre tenor and alto saxophone
    Hernâni Faustino double bass
    Rodrigo Pinheiro piano
    João Lencastre drums




    Patifes Post Fancy Experimental Music Tales

    We joined 5 artists during covid lockdown; 1 actress and 4 musicians to create a music band, a new project that had as its starting point the MusicHall of the 19th century in taverns of London, where musicians and actors play bumpy and scoundrel stories. We reinvented this time in our time, also he rugged and scoundrel, with the taverns so often closed and where the human face is inside out and only has both eyes to show. 


    Teresa Sobral  voice, electronics

    Luís Lopes  electric guitar

    Miguel Fevereiro  electric guitar

    Hernâni Faustino  double bass, electric bass

    Miguel Sobral Curado  drums, electronics





    Radim Hanousek : ESCAPE (Ma Records)


    During my study stay in Portugal, I recorded dozens of hours of field recordings in Lisbon, Peniche, and Sintra, and prepared a simple graphic score inspired by the phases of the waves of the sea in relation to wind speed. During the covid isolation time, I asked six Czech and five Portuguese musicians to interpret this score. They contributed their personalities and creativity without any idea of the whole. I processed the materials I acquired in two ways: by layering the home recordings of the participating musicians (ESCAPE I) and by mixing the Portuguese field recordings with a studio quartet of musicians responding independently of each other to different sonic materials (ESCAPE II). The result is a collage of improvised and composed music, field recordings, and electronic. -RH-

    Create your own mix of ESCAPE I and try various combinations of instruments and sounds (solo, mute, dynamics) via this website:



    Helena Espvall
    Maria do Mar
    Anežka Nováková
    Žaneta Vítová
    Jana Vondrů
    voice, harmonium
    Hernâni Faustino
      double bass
    Peter Korman
     double bass
    Matej Olah
    Martin Opršál
    marimba, marimbula, kalimba, Tibetan bowls, timpani, cymbals
    Guilherme Rodrigues
    Alvaro Rosso
     double bass

    Jana Vondrů
     voice, harmonium
    Hernâni Faustino
    double bass
    Radim Hanousek
     bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
    Martin Opršál
     marimba, marimbula, kalimba, Tibetan bowls, timpani, cymbals

    project realised at Radim Hanousek’s home studio (12/2020 – 03/2021) with field recordings
    made in Lisabon, Peniche, and Sintra (11/2020)
    final mixing and mastering – Tomáš Vtípil (4/2021)
    watercolour – Veronika Vlková

    special thanks to
    Ulrich Krieger for inspiring and intensive project leadership
    all the musicians that entered the project with their distinctive recordings and creativity
    Jana Vondrů and Hernâni Faustino for their collaboration on and recordings for ESCAPE II
    Veronika Vlková for her beautiful watercolour
    Tomáš Vtípil for his great work, smart ideas and empathy during the mixing process
    Jaroslav Šťastný for our frequent and fruitful consultations
    Ma Records