1. 2022/01


    Affinity Suite (Creative Sources Recordings) 

    Ernesto Rodrigues viola 

    José Lencastre alto saxophone 

    Miguel Mira cello 

    Hernâni Faustino double bass

    João Lencastre drums


    Recorded on October 14th 2021 by Claudio Rego at SMUP, Parede.
    Mixed by Ernesto Rodrigues
    Master and graphic design by Carlos Santos.
    Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.




    HYPER.OBJECT inter.independence (Phonogram Unit)

    Rodrigo Pinheiro piano
    João Almeida
    Carlos Santos
    Hernâni Faustino
    double bass
    João Valinho


    “Hyper.object” was formed in 2019 by three veterans from the Lisboa free improvised scene (Rodrigo Pinheiro on the piano, Hernâni Faustino on the double bass and Carlos Santos on the electronics) and by two young musicians (João Almeida on trumpet and João Valinho on drums).

    Since its beginnings. the group had frequently joined for rehearsals but as soon the pandemic hit, the gatherings were restricted to only when there was an opening on the frequent lockdowns. During one of these openings “inter.independence” was recorded.

    On “inter.independence” the premise defined for the recording session was, beside all musicians having complete freedom to improvise and to choose their musical ideas, there should be an active focus for each one to develop their ideas individually and to not immediately react or engage in direct dialog with the other musicians from the group. What was being experimented was the creation of several individual and independent layers that would interact organically, so that the tension would arise by the textures and the expected and unexpected interactions created between these different layers that each musician was taking care of.






    Garuda (cd Subcontinental Records

    Hugo Costa alto saxophone 

    Hernâni Faustino double bass 

    João Valinho drums

    ”Garuda was the result of a first time meeting (session) between the musicians on this album.

    The music veers between improvisation and dynamic free jazz ”




    Akasha Quartet Visita (Particula) 

    João Sousa percussion, flutes, shruti box, sitar

    José Lencastre alto and tenor saxophone

    Jorge Nuno acoustic guitar 

    Hernâni Faustino double bass

    «meeting, to meet someone: to visit.
    each disc of the quartet tells its story or stories of the story.
    the idea of ​​a meeting takes on the connotation or value of a creative process: meeting of stories that are told, in turn, by the four musicians, each with their own sound spelling, each with its thirst.
    whoever listens to this body is promised a new encounter: the story that is assembled within itself. and it was in this fifth encounter that the idea of ​​‘v i s i t a’ (meeting) was born: absent and distant bodies that come together momentarily, that communicate and transform, and that then imperatively move away. so is the v i s i t a.”

    «I don’t know if it’s from the moment or if it was from the context where I heard and digested it, but on this record I quickly entered a narrative plan. As each composition evolves and gives way to the next composition, the idea of an encounter, a meeting, grew in me, of someone who arrives from afar after a long absence to meet someone whose past image he loves.
    There is return, satiation, communication and departure. The image or situation was this… and it’s hard for me to hear it now and imagine something different. Everything is complicated or simplified from this image.”

    Nuno Mangas-Viegas




    Uivo Zebra & Horns Sombras (Bocian)

    Jorge Nuno electric guitar
    Hernâni Faustino  electric bass
    João Sousa  drums and percussion
    Luís Vicente  trumpet
    José Lencastre alto saxophone
    Paulo Galão tenor saxophone
    Pedro Arelo baritone saxophone

    Recorded (9 December 2018) and Mix by Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studios in Lisbon
    Assisted by Jerome Durand and Bernardo Centeno
    Mastered by Simon Wadsworth
    Artwork by Joanna John
    Band photos by Nuno Martins
    Produced by Jorge Nuno and Hernâni Faustino
    Executive Production by Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz