1. 2023/01
     Pó de Ouro (Muzic Plus) 

    Carlo Mascolo no-input trombone 

    Hernâni Faustino double bass 

    Pó de ouro
    The compositional history of this album draws inspiration from an intentionally random selection of words taken from the book Love Poetry by Nâzım Hikmet, a Turkish poet and writer who defines poetry as “a nucleus of emotion and thought in which it is necessary to succeed in merging all aspects of your life.”

    The title Golden Powder evokes the imaginary patina that often appears at dusk, an inflection point between day and night, a simultaneously unique and special passage.

    The composed music is wholly conceived and performed in real time by the two musicians who, in addition to the skilful conducting of the improvisation, always manage to weave a common, honest, intriguing and unpredictable conversation, which never becomes a subordinate dialogue.

    The two musicians had never played together before this concert.
    Complicity and intuition, necessary ingredients for the success of each composition in real time, have covered the music featured in this album with fluidity and lightness.

    All compositions by Carlo Mascolo, Hernâni Faustino
    Recorded by Rui Galveias 28th june 2023 at Bota (Base Organizada da Toca das Artes) Largo Santa Bárbara, 3D, Lisbon, Portugal
    Mixed and Mastered by Mimmo Galizia at Waveahead Studio – Monopoli
    Cover photo by Felice Furioso
    Executive Production: Muzic Plus




    No Strings Attached (Creative Sources Recordings)

    Ernesto Rodrigues violin, viola 

    João Madeira double bass

    Hernâni Faustino double bass

    Tracks 1-8 recorded on February 5th 2023 in Lisbon.
    Track 9 recorded live on February 2nd 2023 at Cossoul, Lisbon, during the Creative Sources Cycle.
    Recording, mix and master by João Madeira.
    Graphic design by Carlos Santos.
    Photography by Nuno Martins.
    Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.

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