Hernâni Faustino cello, double bass, kalimba

João Sousa bansuri, overtone flute, sitar, djembe, feng gong, shruti box, voice, singing bowls,

Jorge Nuno acoustic guitar

José Lencastre alto and tenor saxophone, percussion, vocals

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Since we’re all Quarantine a lot as changed. Concerts cancelled, stu- dio sessions cancelled, a lot of work is on hold, a lot of things got stuck. On the other side, there’s the opportunity of rebirth, old pro- jects get new clothing, simple technologies turn into wonderful mu- sic. Invited by João Sousa, this quartet born under quarantine was challanged to record their own instruments with their own phones or recording devices, to create improvised pieces as an hymn to what appear to be random, but shows up as true connection. Hernâni Faustino, João Sousa, Jorge Nuno & José Lencastre recorded their own tracks, changed ideas, proposed rhythmic figures, and through the Mix of João Sousa, an album is prepared! Behold how distance and isolation re- sults in proximity and connection. ākā- śa (read akasha) is a collection of mo- ments that focus on this space bet- ween us, something that exists around us and connect us somehow, makes us unique but also the same. The cover of this album was made by Ana Calinhos (Cali Made This) and is a result of her own connecting processwith this work. Created while listening to the quartet and with the concepts surrounding the pro- duction of this record in mind, Ana Calinhos’ colorful vortex with allusions to the term Akasha and Atman, memories of a sacred mountain in India and a powerful full moon night, contrasts with the collection of photographs by Hernâni Faustino that illustrate each song. Faustino’s photos gain new readings here, allowing the diversity of his themes to give the right weight to each tit- le, also bringing shadow, contrast and luminosity to the color- foul vortex that binds us. Making the most of the main launching platform , each song has a photograph chosen by the four members of the quartet, inspired by the titles and the music…. between each mind, each intellect, each body, there are points of contact, ways of establishing a connection that we prefer, that we cultivate or that we allow to happen. between each moment, each observation or breath, a new reality, which escapes the impetus of the individual, to create a whole, in which individuality becomes common to all. it is in the space between each one of us, between our minds, our notes, our sounds, that is im- possible to describe, impossible to see, but it’s known. it is in this space that we work, collected, iso- lated, using distance as a connection to create something deeper. akasha [ākāśa]. João Sousa, 18-04-20

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