Dromos Records, cdr

Pedro Sousa tenor saxophone

Hernani Faustino double bass


There’s an underlying breeze lurking among Lisbon’s most far out corners. Somewhere turns into nowhere with an improvised pace and among these depths of undermining confidence, a deep sense of the commune becomes an unresolved question straight out of ESP’s life changing premisses. Only living the now. Sharing its own “acceptance in itself”. Increasing rotational intersections among freewillin’ minds and an evergoing process of self questioning. Accepting the blindspot as place with its own breath-like shape. A meritable existence rehashing nothing. Creating something from it. Floating on this continuum of non-gravitational pull are Hernani Faustino and Pedro Sousa. The result of such meeting is here. This is ‘Falaise’. A record made of saxophone and double bass. Not a jazz record. But also one if you’re into it. A document of understanding. Let’s cherish it for what it is. But also, for what its not. ”  Liner notes by Bruno Silva


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