Reviews No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached presents the Portuguese free improvising string trio of Rodrigues, who focuses here most of the time on violin, with two double bass players Madeira (who, again, was responsible for the recording, mixing and mastering) and Hernâni Faustino, known from the RED trio and Rodrigo Amado Wire Quartet. This trio was recorded in a studio and live at Cossoul, Lisbon, during the Creative Sources Cycle in February 2023.

The eight short studio pieces offer different kinds of intense and stormy dynamics that emphasize the strong personal voices of these experienced improvisers, and, obviously, variations of detailed counterpoint. The last, 32-minute live piece, which was recorded three days before the studio session, with Rodrigues back on the viola, sitting with Madeira and Faustino standing on his right and left sides, suggests a different atmosphere. It develops its dynamics patiently, and its interplay is still powerful but alternates with introspective and poetic modes, and, obviously, features different and personal kinds of extended bowing techniques. Eyal Hareuveni