Reviews Rayon Blanc

Suspensão is a nonet, sometimes expanded to a Suspensão Ensemble. Here are two recent examples of their amazing art. Indeed, Suspensão is an unquestionable super-ensemble with Ernesto and Guilherme, with Bruno Parrinha and Rodrigo Pinheiro, Hernâni Fastino and others. “Rayon Blanc” is a live recording from November 2017 during the CreativeFest XI at O’Culto da Ajuda, Lisbon. The disc contains one 32 minutes long track, which illustrates perfectly the ingenious nature of this enterprise. It starts slowly and quietly with effects and “fake” sounds, but after some time one can distinguish different instruments. Piano plays a particularly moderating role here. It is a collective free improvisation, but clearly the viola, cello and double bass are in the lead. In the middle of the track the winds become more exposed:. alto saxophone and bass clarinet. Maciej Lewenstein