Reviews Sfumato

“Sfumato” by Suspensão Ensemble is a live recording from November 2019 during the CreativeFest XIII. Mix, master and graphic design belong to Carlos Santos, while production by Ernesto Rodrigues. As an album it is similar to “Rayon Blanc”, but for me better, more adventurous and more lively. There is less effect and “fake” sounds, but the sounds of different instruments act in “consonance”. The track, lasting over 38 minutes, is also a masterpiece fo meditative concentration, delicacy and tenderness. Viola and cello lines are simply stunning, but is is difficult ti distinguish anybody: it a truly collective work. The wind instruments enter also in the middle, but this time the phenomenal Kriton Beyer, bowing his daxophone, joins the alto and the bass clarinet. The peaceful and tranquil mood evoking contemporary chamber music, continues tiull the end, changing, however, shades and spirits. The beauty fo this music is not from out galaxy!!! Maciej Lewenstein