Break It Down

Break It Down (Phonogram Unit)


Flak analogic drum machine
Jorge Nuno electric guitar
José Lencastre tenor saxophone
Hernâni Faustino  electric bass


Featuring a cast of characters that includes Flak, Hernâni Faustino, José Lencastre and Jorge Nuno, this collaboration between this four musicians is many things. The music found here is all improvised, the majority are characterized by a signature sound fusing bone-rattling rhythms of funk, fusion, groove and dub. Faustino electric bass along with the irresistible drum analogue machine manipulated by Flak with melodic tenor saxophone by Lencastre and the (space) electric guitar of Nuno builds the energy to a fever pitch.

Recorded and mixed  by Flak in December 21st 2022, Alfarim
Mastered by James Plotkin

Cover photo and design by Nuno Martins

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